Made in Italy


Our leather goods are produced in the same network of factories used by some of the biggest names in the luxury goods industry. Many of whom are located in European countries with a strong leather-making heritage like Italy and Spain. Closer to home, we also work with skilled craftsmen from Japan.
These suppliers are mostly family-owned small businesses who employ a small team of dedicated artisans. Our manufacturing partners are selected based on our internal set of criteria with quality and sustainability as the most important.
Minimalist & Timeless


Here at Mode Assembly, we take a minimalist approach to design, refining classic essentials with a modern interpretation and materials. We do not seek to reinvent for the sake of standing out but rather consider trends and only adapt elements relevant to our customers. There may be occasional surprises but never outrageous and certainly never boring.
The result is a timeless and functional collection accented with subtle details, giving a high-end polished look without the associated price tag. We do not work in seasons or collections, but will continuously be adding new products to the online store.
Luxury for everyone


The founder’s approach to product development is informed by his philosophy that fine quality merchandise should be affordable to everyone. While buying luxury goods for retailers, he started to appreciate the fine craftsmanship and quality of luxury brands but often found them too expensive for the average consumer. He started to self-learn design skills, with the intention of launching his own line of premium leather goods.
We operate a direct to consumer model with no expensive branding, retail or middlemen markup.
Mode Assembly


Mode Assembly is the online shopping destination for mens leather goods, accessories and gifts. Mode Assembly online store offers an exciting curation of leather goods and accessories from Singapore and International Designer brands for men.